lost in time

A stranger in my own mind

lost, somewhere in time

When i look into my mirror

it`s not me that i see,but the person

is just a reflection of me

Lost somewhere in time

a fifty year old body

with a twenty year old mind

I can still hear my momma calling

me to supper` if only in my mind

Lost somewhere in time

lost somewhere between now

and 1969

Always a loner,never needed a lot of friends

but now that i am older i wish that

i could start over again

A lot of changes would i make

if i could go back in time

if only in my mind

Is this our destiny,was we

pre destined at the beggining

of time

Was we programed to feel this way

as we reach the end of our time

Would we really make a change

if we could go back in time

lost somewhere in my mind...

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I can relate to this one too!