A Lost Soul

I am a stranger

in my own mind

a ghost lost somewhere

in time.

Like mister bo jangles

i`ll sing and dance

for a dime.

What goes through a mans mind

that would make him sit on a corner

and beg for a dime,a bottle of wine

has he gotten lost somewhere in time.

Has he given up on life

did he ever have a family,a wife

what struggles in his life caused this strife

Did some one love him

somewhere back in time

before he lost all reason and rhyme

just another poor soul lost in time.

So the next time you pass him bye

think of him as a human being lost in time.

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honey811's picture

He could possibly be a lost soul, but to think of him this way is wrong, To pray for him is good. He is equal to anyone eles but he just lost his way. Pray for them to find it.

ladydp2000's picture

Beautiful poem,Ron.I really enjoyed reading this poem.Thanks for reading mine :) I do appreciate it alot.Blessings and Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you too!D.

Dee Giannini's picture

hi ron,
you commented me on my poem a long time ago, and i haven't really been on in a while, and then i just wrote two new poems, and now im on and i read your comment. no my father did not give up, he died from cancer, and he fought it like crazy. he wanted so much to live. he died march 29th ((2004)). i really like this poem that you wrote... its really good. anyways, thanks for taking time and reading my poems and commenting me! i really appreciate it.


Ruth Lovejoy's picture

wow Ron this is profound,makes you visualize the person.Wish more people would more then visualize and walk by them. I have helped homeless in the past so have heard many stories.Met a con and met a genuine lost soul.Even the con leaves a lesson to be learned and not one of negativity.The con is more lost then the genuine because they are not aware of it and that is the saddest of all.The con skipped off with my crockpot. Of all things huh I laughed initially...