Purple Haze

In the stillness

of the moon light

as the wind gently blows

the clouds across the purple sky.

A purple haze of color

with it`s gentle glow

lites up the sky as the

winds softly blow.

My soul starts to wander

as my mind drifts back in time.

Sitting here on the dock of the bay

looking out at the fire as it dances

across the sea.

My mind wanders back to you and me

and those starlit nites we spent looking

out to sea.

Gentle strolls up and down the beach

but those memories is almost out of reach

but in my mind they will always be

sweet memories of you and me...

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Laura Campos's picture

Lovely Poem, Is So Nice To See That You Still Write Some Nice And Deep Poems, You're A Very Talented Guy, Keep It Up, And You WIll Go Far :) Take Care Of Yourself
~ Laura