Best Friend

I Watch

as my momma slowly

slip`s away.

The doctor say`s

more things wrong he found

again today.

Why it was just yesterday

when she was taking care of me

now shes eighty three.

Some days she just sits

and stares out the window

in such deep thought.

I have to call her name

two or three times before

she answers me.

She talks about everything

thats ever happened in her life

over and over again,but i just

listen and give her a grin.

We take her sugar count everyday

sometimes we have to tell her two or three

times and then she says ok.

She braggs on how good i cook

and she says i don`t know what i would

do without you ,and gives me a hug.

She starts to cry a little but i just

make a joke and then shes ok,we have to put her

in the bed at night two or three times but

thats allright, i wonder how many times

she has tucked us in bed.

And the next morning it all starts again

but whose counting she probally won`t

be here to many more days.

But i will take care of her as long

as i can because when she passes on

i will have lost my best friend...

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Cascade's picture

There is so much heart, and

There is so much heart, and understanding, and gratitude, in this beautifully soul-full tribute, wordman. Very touching!

word_man's picture

this happens to people every

this happens to people every day cascade,most go to nursing homes where they are rarely spoken to,where they have family to visit very rare,it is a sad site,thank you for the visit,always appreciate them

Stormi Gehman's picture

Wow...Amazing...this one made me cry. Keep up the great work!

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

this is truly beautiful and a great tribute to your mom!