A Warm Summer Breeze { a first love poem }


A warm summer breeze

blows gently through your hair

The smell of honeysuckle

lingers in the air

The touch of your skin so soft

as it presses against mine

The sweetness of your kiss

like strawberry wine

A warm sensation from your lips

as they press softly against mine

These are the things i remember

as i drift back in time

We danced through the meadows

to our special place

That place still lives in my mind

and it will,till the end of time...

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Cascade's picture

Very soft and sweet memories

Very soft and sweet memories Smile

word_man's picture

in our memories we always

in our memories we always have a special place.thank you for reading

heatherburns35's picture

Very nice for a first love poem. I remember mine.
yuck. hahaha I have read several poems. Enjoyed
them very much. you are very good at your craft.
Keep up the nice work.

honey811's picture

This truelly spoke words of the heart, BEAUTIFUL

Lady Raine's picture

aww, so sweet and beautiful...I adored