A Return To Romance


"e it sun



A return to romance

is what she said

as she kissed my lips

and laid back onto the bed


A sweet sensation of love

came over her face

as she held me in a warm embrace


it's been a long time

she said

as she pulled me down

on to the bed


I kissed her sweet  lips

I held her tight

as we made love

all through the night


I could see

the rise and fall of her breasts

as the light danced across her chest

showing all her curves I kissed them all


I awoke in the morning light

to find she had left

during the night


A red rose lying on the bed

where last night she had laid her head

a note on the night stand beside my bed


I love you is all it said ...


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Sarah Unser's picture

Wow, I'm speechless after reading this.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

wow, if that is a personal experience I can imagine how much it must have hurt. I hope it's only a piece written...