My Buddies Katie and C C

The love of my life

ages two and three

they think i hung the moon.

When a storm comes through

it`s my lap they run to

We spend a lot of time together

cause i`m  the built in baby sitter

and it`s me that lets them have

their way

Hair of sandy brown,and eyes of blue

and they look like you know who

and their love is sweet and true.

They visit when i`m writing poetry

but i don`t mind stopping to draw

a butterfly tattoo

Their cookies and drinks

they always share,lord only

knows what they put in there.

But i drink anyway,they are

my best buddies and they will tell

you so, and it`s great to watch

em grow.

Who else would listen

to the great stories of mine

when i sailed the seven seas with

captain bly if not these grand children

of mine

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

This is so touching I can picture the kids on your lap. I bet you even stop writing long enough to take a stuffed animal and make it dance and sing for them. This is adorable!