A phone conversation between two 3 year olds


can i talk to bwent

tank you

hewwo bwent

what you doing



i know

no my brudder not at hom

huh  ok

you still my boy friend

ok i kmow

what you bin doing

huh ok

i no

my momma say you can come to my house

yeh my pa will come get you

i got popsicles huh

yep i got red ones


i know

i like red too

my pa say you got to buy gas

yeah i know

i got free dollars in my bank

yeah you can have it

no my brudder cant play

well bye now


ok  i know

get u shoes on

my pa coming now

yeah i coming too

well bye now

huh  ok

i will bring a popsicle...

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LaRae Amy Dawn Lohstroh's picture

yes, definitely cute lol

Veronica Madden's picture

aww lol this is so cute

sue mceachern's picture

very funny and cute .it was so adorable

Sally Stark's picture

Wow. This is awesome.

I have 5 siblings under the age of 6...I know exactly how true this is. Maybe you were guessing, but you were dead on! ;)

Thanks for commenting on My Gospel. :)

Rose Manson's picture

That was soooo cute..

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Soooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!