In her eyes

I could see the sadness in her eyes

as she sat guietly in the corner

with tears in her eyes.

She was quietly caressing memories

from her soul,the feelings she is now

harboring no one knows.

Fifty years together is a life time

a life time of memories ,some good some sad,

oh but she would`nt trade even one that she had.

You could see the gleam come from her eyes

as she told stories from older times.

when she was a young woman in her prime.

Now it seems time has passed her by

this is what she would say as tears gathered

in her eyes,why i can remember when i said i do

and we went to niagari falls on our honeymoon.

It seems just like yesterday as we watched

our children grow,  all the backyard barbecues

and pitcure shows, but now fifty years has come

and gone the kids are all grown with children

of their own.

But then she would just stare into space

we could see the age in her face fifty years

is a lifetime, but today she says goodbye to her best friend

But through her tears she says her goodbyes

and she says it won`t be long and i`ll be by your side...



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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

bittersweet and sad but a great write