The Light

Today a child dies

even though i didn`t know him,

i cried

Every one was waiting for this day

knowing it was coming

but they pray not today

It makes you really search your soul

and you wonder how god could be so cold

is there really a god

and if there is why did he take my little todd

Six years old now

just ready to start school

but all he will learn

is the death he can`t over rule

People come and tell him of jesus

and the miracles he can do

but at the end of the day

there wasn`t one for me and you

The pain worsens

as the day goes on

your heart pounding with fear

as you realize the time is near

He was sick

the last four years of his life

but you were there always by his side

you pray ,you plead,as he slips away

You go for coffee

and while your away

your baby starts to slip away in a comma

You sit on his bed

you pull him close

tears well up in your eyes

you try to be brave ,you try not to cry

You hold him tight

as he slips away

thinking if you hold him tight

he won`t slip away

Then he opens his little eyes and smiles

he tells you of the bright light that he sees

Holding back the tears

you kiss him good bye

just walk toward the light baby

every thing will be ok

He smiles one last time

then he slips away

and bye mommie was the last thing

she heard him say...

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

This is so sad ,so emotionally profound,having lost two in the past I can relate to it...

honey811's picture

This peice touched my heart so deeply, I started to cry. It's hard when a child dies and that leaves questions if God really cares. Sometimes we are here for a short time and God only takes the good ones.