My Dream of Calvary

Three crosses

in the distance

can i see.

The lord jesus

in the middle

and the two thieves make three

He is hanging on that cross

for you and me

he paid for our sins

at calvary

I could`nt help

but to see the pain in his eyes

or hear his faint crys.

Father make room in heaven

for my friend,he will enter in

never to leave again

But the one lord on my left

well he has no hope

he would`nt accept my easy yoke

So to keep this from happening again

i will remain until the end

a thousand years will i stay

a thousand years will i pray

I will fight satan tooth and nail

so no more children will go to hell...

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b1whocares's picture


I feel this
I feel what Christ is hoping in this.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

really beautiful piece Ron