Forever Friends


A Poem by wordman





You have touched my heart

you have touched my soul

you have flattered me in way`s

you`ll never know ..

But reality my darling must kick in

a relationship like this should never begin..

I could never touch you

or hold you tight, wake up beside you

in the morning or kiss you good night..

I would always wonder what you would be like,

we would run hot for weeks on end, but one day

my darling it would have to end..

My heart would break

my soul would cry, but you know darling

we would have to say good bye..

So save me the heart ache

save me the pain , friends forever we 

shall remain,  so be careful in what you say

cause the click of the mouse won`t make it go away...

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Cherisse Unger's picture

OMG.... What was going on in ur mind when you wrote this beautiful piece?

word_man's picture

this goes on all the time

this goes on all the time