Good news,he says

another two years

before i start my decline.

I guess the bad news

was i lost thirty years of my life

never being a mother,a wife.

You lose

all hopes and dreams

you go into your shell

your private prison

your living hell.

But theres always a chance

of remission he says

another chance to build hopes and dreams

always looking over my shoulder

wondering how long it will last.

It`s like a bad dream from the past

Oh i could be brave and smile

knowing i was dying all the while.

Two years or remission

which one should i choose

either way i would still lose.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my back woods approach
to breast cancer awareness  the other side

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

is this a general piece or about someone you know? So sad when it happens either way

word_man's picture

no i dont know any one
but this stuff is getting worse
i guess i just needed to approach it in a realistic way