Bitter sweet memories


bitter sweet memories,

lay gentle on her mind,

another place,

another time.


The love

of my life,

that i have,

left behind.


she feels betrayed,

battered and beaten,

all through her mind,

she feels like a woman left behind.


Once her heart,

a beautiful rose,

now her heart tattered and torn,

as it starts to close.


Her mind wanders,

her soul at bay,

maybe love will bloom again,

i hope and pray.


A woman,

that has lost her bloom,

her heart melts,

as it goes back in her cocoon.


But one day,

her heart will start to bloom,

and i will be there,

to melt that cocoon...


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Sassylass's picture

Poignant sorry for the pain.

Great job of expressing it



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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thank you kelela for the

thank you kelela for the review

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So artful

very creative and beautiful to read 

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thank you again,,

thank you again,,

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This poem is filled with

This poem is filled with empathy. A very touching read

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the world is full of

the world is full of pain,glad you looked at it

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Dear friend from far away land

Dear poet from far away land

Let's join hands to a merry band

No cares , no worries

Only the soft swish

Of wind through trees

Our body cars will roll

Without oil or grease

They'll come in droves

To hear our band

May the fairies bless us

With their magic wand




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beautiful thoughts mr bishu

beautiful thoughts mr bishu

Phoenix_Rising's picture

Beautifully written.  Love

Beautifully written.  Love it. 

*~I may fall, but just like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes~*

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glad you liked it,thanks for

glad you liked it,thanks for reading