Stand by Me



Stand by me baby !

through thick or thin,

let me love you baby !

till my life comes to it`s end.


caress your soft skin,

trace all your curves,

suck on your breasts,

soft and slow.


i will always need you baby !

and this my darling,you will always know,

think of me,

when i`m away.


feel my love,

make me want to stay,

wrapped in your arms,

forever and a day.


you touch my soul,

you are my life,

one day,you will be my wife,

and until that day,

your love will be mine,

till the end,the end of time ...

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Cascade's picture

This is soft and sweet and

This is soft and sweet and full of promise. Lovely words, wordman

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thank you for reading

thank you for reading cascade,appreciate the visit

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Beautifully written 

Beautifully written 

*~I may fall, but just like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes~*

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thank you

thank you