My Cherie amour


my girl,
she is the girl of my dreams,
she is a dream come true

she is beautiful,
and she is smart,
built like a brick house

sometimes we talk for hours,
about nothing,and about everything,
we sit on the swing and just talk

i am so in love,
when she kisses me,
it sends shivers down my spine

her skin so soft,her breasts full,
her sweet lips kissing mine
i`m so proud that she is mine

and when we make love
i`m in heaven,she makes me,
feel like a man

i am so proud of her,
she is everything a man,
could ever want or need

and she is mine...



© 2017 wordman

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roseblossoms's picture

All the lines are beautiful

All the lines are beautiful sentiments 

just one question 


1. What does a brick house 

look like on A Woman ?


does it mean you can’t 

blow her down? Lol

word_man's picture

it looks like you can`t blow

it looks like you can`t blow her down,,lol

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You wrote this !!!!!!!




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hey buddy,thanks for the

hey buddy,thanks for the visit