My Girl

My Girl

A Poem by wordman




we have a bed swing on our front porch
of our cabin on lake erie,such a beautiful place
to be

I take my girl up there,she loves it as much as me
a porch that goes all the way across the cabin
we have a hot tub and a fire pit

she strung small lights all across the porch ceiling
it has a bar beside the hot tub,music playing some
dave Mathews songs,her favorite

we light the fire pit and we lay for hours on our swing bed
i feel so close to her,i love her more than life it`s self
she is my life

we get into the hot tub and have a drink,we listen to music
as i caress her body,her skin so soft,she is beautiful,
her breasts full and soft as silk,i love to squeeze on them

we get out of the tub,carry our drinks to the swing bed
the fire pit lit flickering on her wet body,my hands can`t
be still,i touch and kiss her all over

we lie down in our swing bed,we start making love,
she don`t know what she does to me,how she makes me feel.
i love her so much,she is very special in my life,one day she
will be my wife

my beautiful gypsy girl,she is one with nature and 
nature is one with her,she comes alive feeling a soft
breeze blow across her body,her soul,she don`t know how
much i love her so,my gypsy girl...


© 2017 wordman

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I agree with Kick ass lass.

I agree with Kick ass lass. The very dreamy and vivid imagery. A romantic dream

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oh hell , i have a vivid

oh hell , i have a vivid imagination 

cabins,swings and hot tubs in the snow

lol,don`t mind me,,thank you for the visit

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Hey, let your light shine

Hey, let your light shine through the darkness, hold your candle to the sky. Time has dimmed this worlds vision. What it's desperately in need of is a dreamer and his dream

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you are very kind,and i thank

you are very kind,and i thank you,hold that candle to the sky,one day it may become the moon

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Wonderfully Vivid

I love the vivid imagery you paint. It's so tangible. Definitely wish I had a cabin and set up like you described. Wonderful. You're excellent at story telling.


I saw your portfolio page and noticed you've been a member to this website for only 4 more weeks than me. Both have been members for 14 years! 


Keep up the good work.


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thank you,don`t know how we

thank you,don`t know how we missed each other