I Really Do





  Dancing in the grass barefoot,

under a starlit night,

the moon gold and full,

giving us light.


I hold you close,

as we dance,

you feel so right,

a true romance .


We take a dip,

in the hot tub,

as i hold you close,

you pull me in tight.


You kiss my lips,

as i lite the fire pit,

and sit beside you,

in our swing.


You kiss me again,

as my hand cups your breast,

my other hand,

slightly under your dress.


You un hook my pants,

pull off my shirt,

you kiss my chest,

as i suck on your breast`s.


WE lye down,

on a pallet,

beside the fire pit,

the moon shining down on us as we make love.


You say you love me,

and i say i love you to,

but baby,

i really do...  


© 2017 wordman

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Cascade's picture

This is the magic that keeps

This is the magic that keeps love's fire burning. When 2 people make the world go away and all that exists or matters is them. Very dreamy, wordman

word_man's picture

well thank you for the

well thank you for the visit,i guess sometimes in our life time we can have love like this

it is a special feeling,,merry christmas to you and i hope a wonderful new year

Phoenix_Rising's picture

Beautiful romantic work of

Beautiful romantic work of art. 

*~I may fall, but just like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes~*

word_man's picture

thank you for the visit

thank you for the visit

bishu's picture

Whee whee !!!

That was really romantic. Enjoyed the feel.



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thank you bishu

thank you bishu