Dream Lover

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Dream Lover

Dream lover
be mine tonight
when i`m with you
it feels so right

You warm my heart
you sooth my soul
so dream lover
let me dream on

I dream of you
every night
and when we make love
it feels so right

So dream lover
please say you`ll stay
without you ,i couldn`t
make it through the day...

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Beautifulness of Beauty In Your Words

This write you wrote is beautiful to the eye and so loving to the heart. It's spoken of such honest pureness as don't we all want that one the one who just stays right here right next to us the good bad ugly the all of not letting it be a lovers ruin but a lovers dream 


One day I'll be worthy of such 

As you will be to if not two already.


THank you 


Poetess Chantelle Cherie 

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you are too sweet ! thank you

you are too sweet ! thank you very much fr the visit