Got to be Free


A Poem by wordman




I have searched for god,

and he has searched for me.

I`ve been searching,

searching to be free.

Like a bird, on a wire,

like a log, on a fire.

smoke rising like me,

just trying to be free.

And satan,

riding my back.

tossing me to and fro,

looking for a place  

my soul can go .

But can`t you see,

I`m like the smoke

rising from the fire,

I just got to be free...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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Cascade's picture

When you free your mind the

When you free your mind the rest of you follows.  I wish you an amazing flight

word_man's picture

thank you,so i guess your

thank you,so i guess your mind is free,you can fly like an eagle now

KindredSpirit's picture

Good write word- man

The darkness is out there
You have to rise above it.

word_man's picture

thankyou for the visit

thankyou for the visit