the lights went out at midnight
in the house at the top of the hill
from where he sat behind the tree
he had the urge to kill
knowing he couldn't take it back
if he decided to move ahead
but her love for him had turned a page
and soon she would be dead
in a time before this night
she had sworn that love was true
until he caught her just by chance
in the arms of someone new
his world fell down around him
in the blinking of an eye
he tried to weigh his options
now it was time for her goodbye
now moving oh so quietly
as he creeps across the grass
he had hoped she was the one
now she'll be his first and last
as he pulls the trigger
and drives the knife into his chest ...

the lights come on - a job well done.
now exit off stage left.

© Debbie Finlay

08-04-10 dhf.

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