a tune

yes she was a warrior
and when the chips were down
she knew that she could not stay
in this little hopeless town ...

the life that she was promised
was a wicked lie
and trying as she could
didn't have the tears to cry ...

chased by a myth of better days
she ran as far as she could go
and only seeing a tunnel
knew that it was time for her to go ...

though it begged a loud goodbye
she left without a sound
she knew who she could really trust
when the worst came down ...

she gathered up herself together
she spent some time alone
and questioned if she'd ever
really felt she was at home ...

just another shattered life
or was this another chance to start,
an attempt - yet once again
to take back the pieces of her heart ...

and finding that the end of this
was really not the end
watching hills and miles go by
while a new song slowly begins ...

the music of a heart.

© Debbie Finlay

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