Old Memories

Fun/Free time

         I was walking down by the pond that was behind my house. As I was walking something caught my eye. It was a metal box, full of something liquid like. It looked like oil but was more like water. As i looked into it i could see something forming in it. It started showing my memories as a kid. First when i was born, then it was when my mother died. It kept showing me bad memories of my past. I kept the box closed as i walked by a barn also by the pond.


        I buried it by the back door so I could remember where it was. As I ran back to my house all I could think about was the box and what it showed. I thought why did it have that stuff in it and where did  it come from. All I could do was sleep on it.


       I awoke to the sound of my dogs barking like crazy. I got ready and ate a apple while I went back to the barn where i buried the box. The box was still where it was. I opened it again but there was nothing in it anymore. I jsut stared at it for a minute to see that there where letters inscribed on the bottom of the lid. It said "live life to the fullest, don't let old memories hold you down."


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something i decided to do on some free time.... enjoy!

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Bad memories

Yes, you are right but what about the bad memories most times we don't wnna keep them. Atleast not the ones that hurt. But I do see where you come from good memories everyone loves to cherish forever.


Life is one hard thing to get...

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well you got some good

well you got some good advise

but sometimes we need those memories to warm our soul

ron parrish