Bullet Proof Vest


The bullet proof vest I wore has fallen

I'm an open target

A tartget open to the pain

To the hate and curses that people leave me with

Nothing protecting me

So soft and brittle

I'm a snowflake that has been hit by sun

Melting into the ground to hide

I will be safe here

In this dark palce I call home

The ground keeps me safe

It keeps my fears away

But it takes everything away with it

I try to escape it but I can't

Wanting to release my feelings to you

To the world that cannt see me anymore

I wish to come out and be me

But I'm worried the world will put me back here

I don't know what to do

Without my bullet proof vest

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my friend , the feeling of not coming out about how you feel. About being a soft person to the pain.

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The world is a bitter pill

The world is a bitter pill but it gets better.