Why am I here? When did I get here? Whos there?

Why do I feel alone? where is everyone?

all I remember was the party... Shouldn't of ended like this.

All I see is a cage, it sorrounds me like I'm a wild animal.

Who could do this to me? Whats going on?

I don't feel anything, I can barely see.

A small scent of a burning candle sorrounds me.

So quiet oh so quiet, like I was just in a sleep.

My mouth was dry I didn't understand.

I didn't understand any of this.

I just keep asking myself why, who, when.

Like that was gonna help me, I don't know.

I'm so confused... maybe I'm in a dream?

Maybe I'm just having a bad nightmare again.

But as soon as I sit there trying to wake up,

I hear the slightest of noise, like someone trying to sneak in

but who? I try speaking but nothing comes out.

Just stuck there wondering what is goin on trying to yell.

After that I just felt a long drop, and I never felt my body go so numb

I had no control over my body anymore, "someone help!" I would scream

Silence... Silence was all I could hear.

Did they leave, or are they standing there so quietly.

I couldn't understand if I was still standing or I on the ground.

Then suddenly... I could see it!

It was just a cat, but why a cat.

Did the person here like cats?

Then I noticed.... thats my cat

i was able to sit up on something

Now noticing that was at my house

But what happened I wondered...

Well I will never know, I just hope it doesnt happen again.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

well it was going good then forgot that it needed a ending so... I think it turned out well. hope you enjoyed!

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Actually sounds like an

Actually sounds like an experience I had after someone spiked my cola at a pub... I drove myself home, and only 10 years on and i beginning to recall that drive home...