A Life Lost

Beauty In Death

Through the locked doors

In the depths of my eyes

A story unravels

A story of truth and pain,

Suffering and longing,

Passion and hope,

And wishes.

Wishes that never come to pass

My life, my dreams,

Fallen in a puddle at my feet

Like shattering glass

They sprinkle down one by one

Showing the true depths of my despair

Mixing with what is in my soul.

What I feel

Everything that I have hoped for

Emerging from my body

Painfully slow

The crimson tide flows

While my spirit goes free

I feel the doubt

Then a second of release

And darkness finally comes.

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Jesus Pagan's picture

Seems almost passionate, but fearful of death. I have a passion for death, the mystery in it, the unanswered question of what's next? Very nice.