Alone I Stay


I never seem to trust anyone

always just keep everything inside

all my feelings and all my thoughts

never to be known

the fear that is in my heart

of never knowing or loving anyone

but how will they do

if they don't no me

which no one ever will

I am destined to be alone

with all my thoughts just consuming me

never a care of anyone but me

just by myself

never do I hope to know anyone

never do I hope for love

I have finally realized that

no one will ever be right

I am destined to be alone

never a man to care about me

never a thought that's intended to be

nothing is in my control

you will never know that I long for a love

never for my longing to cease

I will always be alone

and forever until eternity

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Hisui Kokoro's picture

Wonderful writing... a bit sad though.

If you like to read? May I suggest a book? It is called "The soul's code, of character and calling." It is by James Hillman.

I direct you to this book because of the contents in this poem. Sweetheart... Maybe you are not only better off without a man, but maybe all of your experiences have been trying to lead you elsewhere, apart and away from the dependency on anyone outside yourself for strength or love or anything really.

Society places a very heavy expectation upon women these days to be everything... not just as in the past where you were supposed to look perfect and be perfect under a perfect man... Now you are expected to be all that... AND pay half the friggin bills and have a career too!

Love is highly misunderstod, it is a mere bartering tool and those who wrote the Kama Sutra had the right idea. Marriage and relationships should be organized and conducted like a business... Passion only being one af a million different bartering tools as a means to an end.

If you are not happy within yourself... No one else will ever be able to do it for you.

You are a deep, creative writer and I admire your strength and honesty. Even if you are in the process of finding exactly what these two things are.

Good luck to you!

Kayla W's picture

Wow, I actually wanna thank you for posting this one. So many gals feel the same way, including me. Just knowing that someone else feels the way I do makes me feel a lot better (no meaning to ruin any kind of sorrow). Anyways, nice piece and keep posting. Take care, Kayla.