A Work Of Art (pt. 3)

Have you ever seen a true beautiful woman?
I'm talking internal and external beauty. A woman as hot as Uganda but also as sweet as Fanta.. that's true beauty.
But until I give you an example of a woman with such attributes, my point won't be proven,
So let me tell you about a woman named Amanda.. with true beauty.

Beautiful enough to drive you crazy..
Beautiful enough to make your heart beat cease.
Search for a girl better than her? You couldn't find any..
Because what's better than perfect? Nothing, that's what my point is.

I look at her and all I can do is smile, as in admiring a unique work of art.
But man.. If you got to stand next to her, you'll be smiling like an idiot too.
I swear, she takes the road less traveled straight to my heart.
But that's cool, cause she's the only one I'm happy to let through.

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