Prettiest Dress

We stood and prayed to God and set our prayers loose
Hands on the back of church pews
Mine resting next to you
Inching ever closer
Testing the distance between you and me

Prettiest dress I ever saw was on you
Half Gospel
Half Law and I knew
You'd be my salvation, damnation too
But, in the end it's who you've loved
Not who you've wished to have loved

So, honey, these words are for you
And, these words are truth:
I've loved you since I was born
Have you loved me too?

Prettiest dress I ever saw
Stole my heart that day
Before I knew your name
I knew that dress covered my bride-to-be

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I love this. Your style is

I love this. Your style is all the more interesting because I can't pin it down or define it with any ease whatsoever.

"Satellite's gone
up to the skies.
Thing like that drive me
out of my mind.

I watched it for a little while:
I love to watch things on TV." - Lou Reed

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Thank you for taking time to

Thank you for taking time to read and for your nice words.

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a great read,