On This Magnificent Journey




I've been singing the same old love song

Seeking patterns in the words of wisdom

Searching high for the rhyme in reason

For what's inside of me


And, when I'm sitting near an ebbing ocean

Leaning against an old oak tree

Searching my heart silently

You are who's compelling me


So, I will give you this simple promise

I will find you finding me

On this magnificent journey

Leading you and I toward we


I know I'm not alone with these feelings

How I could I ever be

The only soul searching

For a heart to match the one inside of me


No matter if you're far or near, babe

Time or space won't bother me

Or hinder my praying

That time and space will find us eventually


So, I will give you this simple promise

When I find you finding me

Finding you finding me

I will give you everything

Inside of me

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This song sums up every poem I've ever written, wrapped into 3 minutes and 19 seconds.