Against A Burning Light Bulb



Well, girl you caught my eye

A net around a butterfly

I am now yours

And, you are now mine


You were dancing in the trees

Stretching your stained-glass wings

When light hit just right

And, my eyes kindly saw colorfully


You are so delicate

Beautiful and fragile

I"m enveloped into your presence

As the light in your eyes

Reflects so agilely

Straight into mine


So, I'm going to take you home

Give you love and all I own

And, set your wings

Against a burning light bulb


I'm going to take all your beauty in

And, know love lives

And, love you

With love that takes less than it gives


You are beauty

And, quickly becoming the love of my life


You are so elegantly

Intoxicating and fragrant

And, enveloping me into your presence

As the light in your eyes

Agilely reflects

Straight into mine

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sanctus's picture

enjoyable read. well done 

enjoyable read. well done