Redefine Me




Hello Sin

My formidable, unkind, and damned old friend

You broke in again

To my heart

And, I hate you

More and more everyday

But, you come back

In new colorful shades


With utter deception

You ebb and flow

Allowing hope to hope

Just enough to choke it off

When you reappear


And, I hate you with the hate you hate me with

And, yet fail to cut the lead as you tow me closer toward death


I feel as if I'm lying

For, I lust after you with passion

And, once I've found you

My lust locks me inside the gallows

Of death and distruction


Hello Forgiveness

My hope of hope of yet more chances

Undeserved, but for attaching

To my heart

For, I love you

And, though I leave you everyday

You offer back still more

Than I steal away


Come find me

And, come quickly

Redefine me

In Your healing

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