Blooms Will Rise

Taught like a rope swaying

The ebb and the flow

Firm as a dam

With water seeping slow

Don't lose your footing, babe

Lest the fulcrum move further from the load

I will bare the weight

Should you ever find the need

I will heed the call

Until my body cleaves from soul

Twisting like clouds of Armageddon

Spears and shrapnel shredding the walls mortared closed

With haystacks and needles

And, pearls well clothed

In the wisdom of fables

Of children crying "Wolf"

Somehow the essence of life

Got lost in the fear of the unfamiliar and unknown

How will love lay down roots

When we're so afraid for what it might bloom

Shout it out

Shout it out


To those ominous clouds

Spears and shrapnel aren't all that will pierce the ground

That blooms will rise

Despite dangers looming 'round

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Very good work

Very good work