2005 - 2006

It's time to make my mistakes

To learn from misfortune and to give what I take

It's time for me to immerse myself

Into everything I suppressed yet always felt

And it's time for me to let you go

And stare myself square in the eyes

Until I finally find who I want to be

I've focused my moves based upon your predictability

But it took us nowhere, except away from the possibility

That either of our dreams where still alive

And now all I know, is mine haven't died

Only God knows when we'll go

Or where, or how far it is until the split in the road

That'll surely lead us to purpose

In the lives effected by our praises and curses

And in time we may meet again

And shutter at the people we were when

We were still searching for who we were

And in a conversation the flint will strike the stone once again

And a spark will ignite and fly high through the sky

And the wind will take us back to when

We focused our lives around the other's predictability

Taking us apart, just to bring us back to the possibility

That our dreams would someday reunite

And give us back the life we thought had died

But, as for now

It's time to make my mistakes

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Lauren Ellis's picture

This is an awesome peice and the ending just did it for me;
'But, as for now
It's time to make my mistakes'
Truly great
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