My Life

2005 - 2006

I want honesty and love

Yet daily I am full of agony and lust

I have broken my promises

I have squandered forgiveness

I have spoken my mind

In haste and hurry

Now I’m worried

My chances are all behind me

Is this life

Is this everything it’s made of

Is this something I won’t understand

Until hindsight puts it in front of me

Clearly there’s more to learn

This is my life

My one and only turn

Turned into forth and fifth chances

That I learned little from

But gained wisdom towards the world

Unfurled in front of me

Yet another chance

Now I believe

My past is all behind me

This is my life

It’s everything that I’m made of

It’s something that maybe only I understand

In foresight I know everything’s in front of me

Clearly now beautiful

Is this life

With my one and final turn

I want honesty and love

I want agony and lust to fade away

In my life

I’m content

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Sammey Cobain's picture

hey! this is a really good poem! uh... i can really relate to what you're saying... email me some time! talk to you later hopefully :-)