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Tales of the Heart

Once upon a time I met someone who caught my eye and it was only through the words that never sounded out lies that I,

in love.

From then on everything changed, I was moved to do the same.

Every line that since then formed came out in ryhmes.

I swear I could have made Jack and Jill, if my will wasnt subjected to catching her if she'd fall off a hill.

Our moments shared varying from heartshatteringly unprepared. Yet i kept it going,

no matter what day or night out the heart beats kept flowing, our days and nights out put more smiles on my face than the many miles that would keep you away.

I only ever felt like I had to do the same, the kindness that I gave was only to save all your smiles and laughs, cause it tore me apart to see you cry.

No matter how brave you tried to be, it wouldn't be enough to get through everyday.

After all this I dont know if you know me, I have yet to even show you all the good times that are yet to be.


Before I continue I'd like to give you a descriptive narrative, no its not going to be a comparative because I ain't ever seen an angel like her,

and I don't know how she fell to earth.

But I'd give her the sky.

For me all I'll ever need is to see her eyes with the reflection of the gates of heaven shinning bright. Swear,

I could look into her eyes forever if I didn't have to remember that I only ever got a few moments to cherish all that she is.

Her smile, of which make every effort worth while, her laugh always seems to brighten my day no matter what sort of sadness may have come my way.

From the hips to her luscious sweet lips all blow me away, yet bring more flirts than she'd like in a day. Her soft small hands I'd love to hold, keep her in my sights and kiss her every night under the moonlight as it shinned on her skin.

Still I only scratch the surface of all that fills my heart with her brightness.

Her soul is the definition of kindness, she cares for those who would be only observers in blindness.

Upon me I confess, that I have never felt so blessed to be in such a presence. She would never hurt a living thing in fact the act would probably sting because life is everything.


How I could go for hours, about her giggles that sound like flowers, her fearlessness that never tires and that once she's grabbed hold, drop you into something far more wonderful than Wonderland and far more spirited than anything in Neverland.

She has that look that says she's right, it only gets better when it is I that's been proven wrong.

Yet it's alright, because on that face she wears a smile.

She'll doubt you and she'll fight you, but only if she cares, think not twice on the days you might despair,

because the days you are with her, you'll find that life has been more than fair.

In the end of my piece, I know that I've written too much, she always cries when I have formed her as such.

Know I only speak true and let me make this for you, from all the times you'll ask why,

a sample to how much you caught my eye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Started writting this months ago, first read it while it was still unfinished and then a couple weeks ago I finished it up. Out of everything I have ever written, this one is the most important one to me.

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AziVsH's picture

I love This

This is beautiful. I love it. It could be written better, but I wouldn’t change a thing. You put your soul into this piece, and in return, I found my soul within your words. 


Also, I like your username and profile picture. 

WiseWolf's picture


Thank you for the kind words. I do agree that there is much for me to improve on and will try to work on it for any future pieces. This piece means a lot to me, to see that it has meant something for you too fills me with joy.

To love is easy, To move on is difficult.

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What I Really Meant...

I'm not a talented writer either and have no room to criticize. I wasn't saying that this poem was written poorly, I'd say its bare bones are of average talent. I was justifying why I thought your poem was unique. You're not an AMAZING writer (not a bad one either), but this piece is beautiful because it came from the heart. If that makes any sense. I was trying to point out where the poem is strong, not weak. It was like cutting out the less valuable parts so I could completely focus on the best parts. Sorry for not making that clear! 

WiseWolf's picture

It's Alright

Don't worry it's fine haha, either way I do appreciate your comments. I read some of your poems and they are really well written, so it means even more to hear such praise from someone with such passion. It makes a lot of sense to me, it is the one reason why something close to this will be extremely difficult to ever re-create in the future. Thank you for clearing it up though, will always strive to put in a bit more whenever I can too.

To love is easy, To move on is difficult.

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Thanks for the compliment but I personally feel like it's unfounded. Thanks for taking the time to read something I wrote though! As far as your writing goes, do whatever feels right. No reason to rush or push yourself. Goodluck!