Tales of the Heart

Pray for your life.

Pray for the love of your life.

Then, if not already so, pray,

pray for them as one.

What is it worth?

To pray?

As a sign of hope,

today is not given only in religion,

but in belief and dreams.

Love, be a virgin if it is ever easy

and in all struggle, be damned if you get lost.

To hold the greatest happiness,

is already its own reward.

If you find all your prayers are left on deaf ears,

be glad, do not wade to far in the dream

Lest the nightmares set in.

Forward, steady and silent.

Let another dream begin,

you'll find enough time

to share your life,

to stand and unite.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't expec too much, might put out two more before a longer break