The Thief and the Coward


I am very aware

of your cowardly stare.

Behind my back

As my heels click clack

Away  . . .

My hips gently sway

just enough

to make you say


Bark up another tree

my fruit are too high

for you to pick

Your dry lips you lick

You will never get a prick

From my rose

My petals are delicate

Soft to the touch

But you lust too much

Which fills me with disgust.

For you don't know the value

Of my garden of rare treasure

You only desire to plunder

And tear asunder

my branches

Never replenishing

Never replanting

For you are a thief

Your visit is but brief

Rape and raid

Is your mark of trade

No price have you paid

But a many you have laid

as my image begins to fade

Around the corner

Little Jack Horner

Go lick your pudding

off your thumb

Georgy orgy

pushing your lies.

You will never hear my cries

You will never pleasure my sighs

In between my thighs

For I got you sized up

And you don't

Have the measure

to fill my cup.

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