Don't Follow Your Heart


Deceitful heart

Why cross the line

You may not come back this time

The heart loves what it wants

Justifies what is feels

So don't set your heart up for a fall

If it feels good

You will return for a call

What once seemed so wrong

Has now changed your song

Rhymes and reasons

Are now your defense

That's why God says

Guard your heart

Protect its innocence

The addiction of desire

has its own voice

chains of yearning  

direct your course

you try to fight it

but, your heart has made its choice

to feed into your crave

although the last time

you promised to behave

oh but deceitful heart

has blinded your eyes

blocked your ears

clouded your mind

this hold so strong

keeps you confined

to its prison of longing

of thirsting, hungering.

Addiction is the spirit

The objects are the chains

Be they, money, sex, food

Drugs, gambling even pain

It does not matter

for addiction has you in the game

the object of your desire

is what fuels it's fire.

To get out of the losers sport

You must surrender,

give God your heart

before compromise

tears you apart.

Losing your soul is not

worth following your heart

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raila's picture

"Losing your soul is not
worth following your heart"

Wow! This was a powerful piece. Anytime I read your soul-guiding poems I feel as though you are witnessing each time. This is a powerful piece!