There is Hope


There is hope

so do not give up

looking within yourself

all you see is an empty cup

emptiness of-course  leaves only

a void, that aches and quakes

It can only be filled by God.

The things we seek

temporarily satisfy

but they will leave you dry

in the blink of an eye.

Wandering son

won't you come home!

Wandering son

won't you come home!

the enemy has you tricked

blinded by this earthly drone

just turn towards me

I am waiting here

Don't worry about your sin

I have already taken care

cast your care before my throne

for it is too heavy,

you cannot bear it alone.

the thing so large in your hand

is invisible when placed in mine.

if you surrender to me

I will change your life in no time

are you afraid? there is no need

Today is the day, so please take heed

to my voice, to my word,

you worry about what you can't do

I already know your limitations

and I will see you through.

Wandering son

won't you come home

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raila's picture

Words I always need to hear. Wonderful inspiring piece!