I know you know,

but do you remember,

that the Almighty God loves you

with an undying love,

He is with you,

not watching afar from above

He longs after you,

He misses intimacy with you.

I know you know,

but do you embrace the power

you have when you call on His name.

He is as close as the breath

before life is swallowed up in death,

as close as the tears of your heart

that no one can see,

He is more real

than what seems must be.

I know you know,

but do you recall

He will restore what you lost

before the fall.

I am not judging you,

but I'm very aware

that you are special to Him,

so I have to approach you

with great care.

I know you know

we all know

but sometimes the way we live

denial of Him is all that shows.

  I know you know

but do you believe

that when you resist Him

His Spirit is grieved.

the burdens that seem

so hard to overcome

have already been paid

by the sacrifice of His Son.

You stay away for you think

you cannot maintain

I already told you,

you have all power in His name.

I know you know

but do you understand

you can run, but you can't hide

you are stamped by His name

labeled by His brand

you are one of His

Won't you take His hand?

I know you

but do you comprehend

He is your all in all

your best friend

dial His digits give him a call

He will answer on the ball

I know you know

so do what you  know

return to your first love

He is there with you

not watching from afar

from above.

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