Fades to Blue

It all fades to blue

Dark colors that feed

On the red of my heart

And it lingers... I could never

Ever... Explain.

Watch my eyes change

In constant motion

With the forgotten world

That existed on my shoulders

Breathe... Release.


I never thought tears

Could hurt so bad

That my beating heart

Could feel like glass

In the pit of my stomach

Left to bleed

Fading to blue

Where it used to be red

Stupid fool... Sick.

I should feed you the shards

Sharp as razors

Giving a glimmer of hope

For me, shattering

Shredding... Flesh torn

In your intestines

Right where it all belongs

And let the salt from my tears

Make you scream

Clutching for the last of your morphine

As it all fades to blue.

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