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Bellmawr, New Jersey, USA

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I'm goth. I am a bit of a loner. I spend my time writing in the dark with a few candles lit and watching horror movies. I am totally obsessed with any of the Sims games and proud of it. I consider myself a dark poet; I write things deep, dark and depressing. I write short stories once in awhile as well.
I love the poets Edgar Allan Poe and Rachel McKibbens (not just because she has my name :p).
I love tattoo's. I have 3- a pentagram, and music note attached to a rose and a quote 'I am the architect of my own destruction.'
I listen to metal and rock music.
I love concerts.

About My Navel

Well. I can stick a finger in it. I find it kinda gross.
I don't really know why we have a navel.
What is the purpose of it I wonder.
Its not to hang keys off it that's for sure.

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Sitting in graveyards
Edgar Allan Poe
Gothic art
Wiccan related things
The color black
Being a writer
My cell phone
A voice


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