Out in the open field of dreams

Unsteady thoughts float like the clouds and

Roads strech far and wide beyond a

Sea where no ends meet...

Everyone comes upon this field

Leaving behind or dragging fears

Vicious and wild they cling to us

Eventually, fading away when

Suddenly, we turn around

               And face these--

               Or should I say "ourselves"...



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Love this one also. This is

Love this one also. This is so relatable for me cause it reminds me of how I spend much time just sitting around lost in my own thoughts. To me this is about self evaluation which is something we should all spend time doing to better ourselves. We should never be fully satisfied with ourselves or else there is no room for growth. Excellent poem!

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That is very true. I wrote

That is very true. I wrote this poem because for me it's very hard to face myself: all the mistakes I've made, all the things I need to change, who I really am and not who people want me to be.. So yeah it's about self evaluation.. About personal growth.. But it's also about not forgetting who you are and not being afraid to show it :3 Thank you once again for a beautiful comment :)