The Wet Moon

Wet moon:
The elegant face
Deep Ocean:
The blue eyes
Crystal clear:
The long neck
Lotus from the lake:
Tiny tits
Honey from jars:
Veins run through her
Hills and valleys.
White silk space around
Her waist and long legs
The garden is empty.
We both enter:
To embrace the breeze
Kiss the winds,
Follow the streams;
Live below the leaves.

By Williamsji Maveli

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem depicts an image of women which symbolizes the nature, earth and the environment with relation to physical appearance and it's contrast.

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Poetry-The Wet Moon

From the Anthology of lyrics, both in English & Malayalam ( bilingual, translated by the author) and titled as
"Forever, lovingly yours.......", (Pranayapoorm, Ennennum Nintee...) written
by Williams George Maveli. ( Williamsji Maveli )