My inspiration Angelgirl

Like always i am searching the internet to just find someone to love and not just a love that will fade in a short time but a love that in years from now i will be happy saying that she is mine
failure in many previous attempts has made me almost give up but a higher power forces me to take my chances again like an uncontrollable hiccup
i find this girl who is close to my age and lives close to me so i try all i know and that is to pursue
nothing different from my actions from girls in the past who were lemons but an unbelievable connection with her tells me my luck has changed because im long overdue
she has altered my thought process about everything in life and the only thing i can think of is that the way i think and feel about her right now is the exact way i believe a man should feel about his wife
i move too fast and i dont want to scare her off from my enhanced pace of rushing things
hopefully we are on the same page so we can experience eachother and what the future brings
because i fall in love fast and talk premature about things in our life she has to keep me in check and tell me to slow down and thank god she does because losing her will hurt more than getting stabbed with a knife
i am no poet so people who read this may laugh at my rymes but this is my first one and if all goes well with her and i things are sure to improve in time
i am not going to say her name because she knows who she is and why drop a name because people tell me the thing i am worst at doing is being discreet
in the past that is true but i am different now and its all because of her and it only gets better from this point on and i cant wait to hear the angels in Heaven sing when S.C. and I meet

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after just rereading it myself out loud i see that i need A LOT of work with her helping me improve my skills because what at the time i was thinking and typing what i thought was good now completely doesnt make sense in some ways