I Pray For Love

I don't see the way I used to,

or maybe the world around me 

isn't what it used to be..

People seem strange now,

darker, unknowable; unlovable.

There's a darkness under their eyes,

A scheming around their smiles,

Something so fake and dangerous - 

so dominant and lowly.

A creed to bloom the stench of all that is wrong in this Universe...

Dancing around obstacles,

Invisible to the eye.

I see their carnal obsessions,

the need to hurt and breathe in pain.

The life they lead seems like a dream;

the limelight of oblivious eyes,

It's a wonder they can't see

It's all a trick.

It's becoming difficult

to contrast their auras...

I sense it now too easily.


I pray the time to end,

I pray I don't shatter,

I pray my strength withers theirs

I pray - for Love.

The insignificance is formidable,

and it's a presence unwanted for sure.

But if God created monkeys

he can un-create



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Thanks for the feedback and

Thanks for the feedback and beautiful comments!

~ Kristen Seaward

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This is a really good poem, I

This is a really good poem, I loved the line 

'a scheming around their smiles'

I felt I sided with the poet on the first read, but it became more powerful when I put myself on the other end of the words, awakening.

My mother was a rainbow

My father turned her grey

they loved me like a sky lantern

they watched me fly away

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You don't sound like a wicked

You don't sound like a wicked queen k27... great observations here, I like the way you have penned them. I pray for love and the reduction of lust. So I saw some elements here no doubt differently than presented but much on the same track! Nice write blessingSS 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."