Government shit on the youth

Lie lie them every words no truth

South to north na the same Wayo  crooks

Sits on the youths head use it as their foot stool

we give them last card, but them wan pick 2

Government nor get plan for the youth

Them use your vote as tissue after stealing the ballot box at your boots

Local government people terrifying local government people

Because We put old people in power who can’t even use google.

Sleeping in oppression,corruption na we pillow

We all they hunger but na poverty they give us elbow.

Asuu don turn to Sango mate!

Na everytime dem  they go on strike

Area boys life so hard because of the blow jobs they get from SARS;

Many things can happen in February 

Forget the change take it off the book

Just use your pvc remove fairbuhari

Everything No fair as it looks

Them Give you 2 k 

Take buy your common sense 

Call them come debate 

Them Dey were wear were

Make every where Dey tense

We just wanted our daily bread

With Less stress.

Buhari promise change

Atiku  promise late 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

free Verse giving deep insigh into the poor way of life in Nigeria

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Give 'em Hell!

Give 'em Hell!