*Circle of Life*

Nov-2-2003 / Nov.-5-2003
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

From the day we are born
People start to judge
They tare our convidence down
Make us get completely torn
On the inside we always wear a frown
In our minds it is set in stone
Our hopes and dreams out the window they are thrown
Our true self is never seen
We must go with the flow
We are forced to one way as we grow

People rather seen the cover of the book
Not the inner pages where it most counts
Our soul Our beauty they took
They robbed us of a normal future
But we can change the past
By starting with now
By starting real fast
Just do it the way you know dont ask how

Before its too late
And you become the bottom of the food chain 
So low your soul will hate
And you agree you're to blame

Change before you fall off the lifes' ladder
And someone else takes your place
And is so proud of what they have done 
They rub it in your face
And they become the biggest blabber 
Prove you are "The One"

Just look into your heart
And you will find
Your place in The Circle of Life
This world, of it, you are apart
Let it be known

You're one of a kind
Through your inner soul it is shown
You are one person of many
You're on top of everything
One of a thousand more of a penny
You are worth more greatness that you will bring
You are worth more then any


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