Are Women Weak

Around the world women

Are considered weak

Making them invisible

In most societies

Demarcation lines at front and rear

Women stand putting themselves in gear

Working in fear

'At home is where she should be'

But her inner eyes help her to see

That she will be free

Are women weak?

Doing the work of man

'Yes! They can.

Keeping the house from a band

working as hard as any man

are women weak?

Expecting nothing but doing everything

enough to make ones heart sing

a goddess in her own rite

Deeply crying in the night,

But never losing sight

Are women weak?

Taking up where the man left off

Leaving her the boss...

The unheard of she does

Her voice slowly whispers

'I'll be free the woman in me

Punish me if you most

I can rise from the dust

Are women weak?

Having a child here and there

Maybe that is not fair,

And she make no delays

Even when the man is out to play

The best thing that ever

Happen to man for man

Is a Woman… (right)… in his hand

Given props to his plans

Thinking that the world is his land

Forgetting of God's touch

Who loves woman just as much

'Foolish, foolish, man'.

Are woman weak?

Women suffer because men refuse to see

Woman is just like he

Man does not understand that

they are cool just keeping woman Fat.

Not in heels but in flats

imagine that.

Are women weak?

The fear men have makes him strong

By God he know he's wrong

Still  women work hard and long

Are women weak?

Woman no matter where you may be

you have a friend in me.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Like so many minorities...women are viewded invisable to most men because of the way men are rised...unless she is naked or fixing dinner...

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